Travel Management Services

Are you really in control of all your business travel expenses?

Business Travel today is so much more than just making reservations. CWT Harvey’s Travel delivers not only the reliable high quality services your travelers need, we also focus on the larger goals of your company: cost optimization and the highest possible return.

Think about it, if everyone in your company is allowed to do their own thing when it comes to booking their own air, hotel and rental car, how can you possibly be optimizing your costs? Talk to us about the benefits and savings of a managed travel program.

If you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it.

The Benefits of Booking Travel with Professionals

Consistent travel policy. Your travel policy is monitored, communicated, and measured through one consolidated forum, assuring consistency of its use. Up to 96% of travel savings opportunities are the result of travel policy.

Consolidated reports. Accurate Travel Management reports for travel costs control and vendor discount negotiations.

Centralized process analysis. You will benefit from centralized management of your travel management process to ensure maximum cost effectiveness and productivity across the organization. By analyzing your travel program on an overall basis, we can determine your specific objectives and design a program that meets your unique needs corporate-wide.

Consistent service for your travellers. By using an agency with strong, system-wide performance improvement programs, CWT Harvey’s Travel identifies and meets your objectives. You can be assured that your travelers will receive a secure, consistent level of service.

Local account management. Your travel management will benefit from local analysis, including the development of a business plan, savings and service goals, performance tracking, and vendor discount negotiations, making it easier and more time-efficient to manage your program.

Improved travel management communication. Through local presence and the use of just one agency, you have only one travel partner relationship to manage. This assures enhanced communication among travel counselors, your travel management staff, and the CWT Harvey’s Travel Branch Manager.

Better communication, especially the implementation and enforcement of travel policy, will result in cost certainty and predictability on your travel spend.

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